Call me crazy

May 10, 2010 § 4 Comments

April flew by like a sneeze this year.  Between Jamesy’s tonsils and planning for Joe’s First Communion and filling the pool, it’s almost time to give the dog her Heartguard again.  Wha-what?  Still and all, it’s high cotton on the creek these days.  Joe’s day was lovely and special and maybe NOW I can stop weeping to STRANGERS about his sacrament.  Especially since we live in the least Catholic place on Earth, so nobody really knows (cares?) what I’m blubbering about anyway.  “Um, congratulations ma’am.  Now if you could just pull forward, we’ll replace that oil filter in no time!” 

So now begins the Kindergarten wind-down, and I can only hope this goes better than the first time around.  Two years ago, Joe’s teachers planned a small end of the year program for parents.  We watched a slide show and listened to them sing to us in English and Spanish, and I was so devasted (moved?) that someone I hardly knew called me later to see if I, um, recovered.  True story.  Guess what?  James has the same teachers.  And he’s my BABY.  I’m sorry in advance to any Dad  that I might accidentally make eye contact with.  I’ll try not to tell you about the night I went into labor.  Since I didn’t burst into tears during the last parent/teacher conference (yay me for sticking with THAT New Year’s resolution), there’s probably a doozy in store.

I wish I wasn’t such an inappropriate basket case.  I would LOVE to be, oh I don’t know…cool?  But I’m not.  Demonstrative comes to mind.  Enthusiastic, even.  I tend to reallyreallyreally like things quickly followed by the need to reallyreallyreally emote feelings.  NO MATTER WHERE I AM.   The good news for my children is that their Daddy reserves his exagerrated emotional ouput for the biggies.  Like the Saints and Treme and the rising water level in the pool.  So when I dash into the party store just for a sec, and I come back with my eyebrows knitted together, I KNOW Greg is thinking, “Do I even ask?”  And he always does, sweet thing that he is. 

Him:  “You ok?”

Me:  “It’s just that I feel really bad for the Assistant Manager that just did my return.  Did you know that they don’t get an employee discount AND they can’t even turn down the air conditioning because the unit will freeze up on the roof?  And it’s SO stuffy in there, and he’s from New England so the heat is really hard for him to get used to.  Anyway, he’s going home for his brother’s birthday at the end of the month, and he can’t even help out with cheaper party supplies.  As if!”

Him:  “I think I need to blog.”

So Mister can go on all he wants about, but guess who gets first dibs on the Halloween costumes?  That’s what I’m talkin’ bout.


§ 4 Responses to Call me crazy

  • Mom says:

    These are the things I love best about you,
    you are demonstrative, enthusiastic even and
    you really, really emote…far better than being
    Keep blogging.

  • Mama says:

    Crazy????I don’t see a problem!

    Love you!

  • Amy says:

    Don’t worry A! Things will get better. Just think you have 8th grade graduation, becoming a teen, driver’s ed, driving for the 1st time by themselves, HS graduation, leaving home, college, college graduation, getting a job & married. All of these are emotional too! And like me they won’t get by without some sort of breakdown in the process of getting there. That is just how us girls are made. So don’t fret about what the men say about you, they will never really understand us women. Just be the great you that you are ~ and cry when you need to.

    Love Ya A = )

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