Some Good Things About Cousins

October 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

1.  It’s the closest the wouldgies will ever get to having 2 extra brothers. 

2.  If you forget ANYTHING, they have it in your size, dose or favorite flavor.

3.  Their Mama sounds just like yours, and laughs at all the same things. 

4.  Their Mama also remembers EVERYTHING about your own Mama’s childhood.  This can be helpful. 

5.  You can get away with stuff that would never fly at home.  Ding! Ding! 

Four boys 8 and under is silly and sweaty and really, really special, because it’s only now.  In January, Henry G. will turn 8, and then the birthday clock will start all over again.   But this is how I will always remember them, with dirty fingernails and Tinker Toy artillery and gangster nicknames.

“Can I be Nicki New Orleans?”

 “I’m Beastie!!”  

Henry G. taught my boys Weird Al Yankovich, and Joe made up his own lyrics to ZZ Top.  James did a bar grind on his skateboard.  Vincy scored a touchdown agaist boys twice his size.  I sat in the front yard and made sure nobody got squished in the cul-de-sac.  

Whenever we get together, Nurse Emily and I get the giggles pretty bad, and not just because the universe likes to keep us on an endless loop of Punk’d.  It’s  because we also grew up in the same house with the same CRAZY old people that were our um, playmates (And sometimes, our tutors, but that’s an entirely different post.).  Every once in a blue moon, we have the good fortune of seeing our own pack of cousins.  The ones we spent every Christmas and Mardi Gras and Easter chasing around.  The ones who share the same goofball relatives and family names.  And the ones I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Yes, Emily…even THAT one.


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