World’s longest coffee break

January 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Hey there  followers (all 5 of you sexy things)!!  Guess who’s back?  More burbgirl in 2011 is like, whoa.  Or something else entirely. 

Things are all sorts of wacky here on the creek.  For starters, Mister finished the upstairs.  The wouldgies have their own bedrooms and bathroom and a pint-sized den to lord over.  It’s pretty trippy to have your house double in size overnight.  Goodbye stairway to nowhere.  Hello wouldge-apolis.  I slay me. 

We are on day 2 of the New Year’s Snow.  Like 2 unheard of school closings in a row.  It’s positively postcard ’round here, and the cabin fever hasn’t really taken hold.  Yet.

My girl Cathy sweet talked me into this fitness challenge.  We’re ticking off 100 miles in January, and while off to a humdinger of a start, my knee had other plans.  Like it decided to start  back talkin’ every time I went vertical.  And then it actually started flat out cussin’ when I tried to wear my (super cute)  high heels to church on Sunday.  Now I’m all for getting my post-Christmas wigglies into shape, but if I have to wear flats…THIS WILL NOT BE PRETTY.  Heels complete me.   

Guess who's back?

I’ll be sure to update you on the evolution of my mental health, you lucky few!


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