Snow What?

January 12, 2011 § 2 Comments

Welcome to the 10 day weekend, folks.  Thanks to the 4 inches of winter that accumulated 3 nights ago, we the people of Lexington County have been waiting for the thaw.  Throw in some Teacher Work Days and a National Holiday, and you get hours upon hours of unstructured family time.  Par-tay!

Today the wouldgies and I braved the elements and left the creek.  When I went out to start my car, I realized that I don’t own an ice scraper or any reasonable facsimile thereof.  As I stood there karate chopping my windshield, I heard Nurse Emily’s voice in my head.  She would call it the voice of reason, but she’s a little show-offy like that.  She kind of lectured me about my weather ineptitude, and reminded me about the time (times?) that I had to dig out with a collander when I lived in the midwest.  

So this gets me thinking about creature comforts.  Everyone has their own definition of must-haves, and I’m endlessly fascinated at what makes the cut.  The Mister will wear the same sweat pants for 8 years, but collects baseball caps like it’s his job.  Nurse Emily?  Total weakness for THE MOST EXPENSIVE SOCKS ON THE PLANET, but won’t shell out for mascara.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to scented candles, printed napkins and handsoap, but I may not own an umbrella.  I have no use for a smartphone, a Wii or a proper sewing kit.   If it wasn’t for Greg, we would own nary a battery, flashlight, screwdriver or extension cord.  He’s a keeper, that one.

So we three made it out of the driveway and to the new Pubbers.  I might have twirled around the bakery like Maria in the Sound of Music, but only the wouldgies would know for sure.  And really?  I don’t think they even notice any more.

My Southern Snowmen

Can I have a cookie now?


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