A love note

January 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

Dear Mister,

Please stop telling everyone we know that we are getting “just a couple” of longhorn cattle. 

Because. We. Ain’t.

Now I appreciate the fact that you’ve done some, um, research, and I’m stoked that the whole “charge at the color red” thang is just an urban legend.  I mean, since wouldgie-big is really partial to that Adidas hoody and all.  I’m sure they are just as “low maintenance” as your sources claim, and they would be clam happy in the pasture for evermore.  The pictures you showed me ARE adorable, especially since you know what a sucker I am for a big wet nose.  Oh, and the comparison to Pioneer Woman was rich.

Still and all, I’m afraid that I can not get on board with the idea of LIVE-FREAKIN’-STOCK in my front yard.  Period.  End of report.

(Although this would give me enough material to tell writer’s block to stick it.  Forever.)

Big kiss,

Your Betrothed


§ 6 Responses to A love note

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