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May 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I know I keep taking these blog-cations, and it’s really bothering my follower.  Sorry Trey!

(I’m pretty sure my Mama has even given up on me by now.  There’s always Farmville.)

Lucky for me (and Trey), I’ve decided to revisit these parts.  These are the things I’m crushing on this very sec.

1.  The Bravo network.  Anything the Real Housewives are selling, sign me right up.  The New Jersey premiere is Monday, AND it’s 90 minutes long.  I’ve never taken an Ambien, but I’m pretty sure I’ll need one after that.  Plus, Andy Cohen is my gay, celebrity bf.  The Mister needs a moment.  Perpetually.

2.  “Bethenny Ever After” (also courtesy of Bravo) is my happy place.  She’s my kind of crazy, and I think I’ve really made some breakthroughs with her shrink.   Not to mention her Skinnygirl Margarita.  It’s the shizzle for rizzle.

3.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).  After years of pounding the pavement, I’ve decided to try mixing it up.  It makes me cuss out loud in the gym, but it’s over in about 18 minutes.  And I’ve only fallen once!

4.  Pandora Radio…Let me clear my throat.  Pandora is my life.  Pandora takes me back to Bloomington, IN and my Kurt Cobain dye job.  Or, if it’s not that kind of party, it can find me recreating this number in the study.

5.  Kombucha.  I stumbled onto this drink 2 years ago, and I’m hooked.  I haven’t met another soul who can stomach it, but I’m stoked that it’s back on the shelves since the recall.  Good talk.

Hoo-boy, I’m on a roll now, n’est pas?


§ One Response to My so-called blog

  • Mama says:

    Glad to see the blog-cation is over. As for Farmville, I have to fill my time with something, but its not a patch on the….well you know….of your blog. xoxoxo

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